Adam Sandler has once again returned to his original stomping grounds of Manchester, New Hampshire.

The famous actor-singer-screenwriter-producer has undoubtedly been busy lately. Just two months ago, he performed his comedy special at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, and it was apparently quite the show. He even showed some love to a bunch of local businesses from both past and present. At around the same time, the star was also on the cover of the October/November edition of AARP Magazine (feeling old yet?). This week, we found out that the Sandman will now be the 2023 recipient of Mark Twain Prize for Humor; a well-deserved award, if we do say so ourselves.

But in the meantime, the celebrity decided to pay a visit to the Puritan Backroom in Manchester, where it's said that the chicken tender was first invented.

This video was uploaded to ESPN's TikTok a couple of days ago. It shows Adam casually strolling into the restaurant, donning a bright orange jersey with his name on it, and casually saying hi to folks in the room.

The person recording the video sounds absolutely speechless, and we don't blame them.

Hey, with all that Adam has going on these days, it's no wonder that he'd want to take a break from it all, and perhaps sample some of those delicious chicken tendies, of course.

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