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New England is home to some delicious food, this we know. With all the celebrities that pass through our states, it is not uncommon to catch one at one of your favorite local places to eat. Earlier this year musician Steven Tyler was spotted at an oyster house in Massachusetts.

Well, while comedian Kevin James was in town last week for his performance at Hanover Theater, he made a couple of stops at local restaurants. Some of these stops may have come as a surprise, while one he chose to visit since the owner asked.

One of the locations that Kevin James stopped by was Worcester Public Market. James visited Pasta Mani, the city’s first fully handmade pasta eatery. The Chef, Jay Midwood shared pictures of the two of them together as well as a picture of James’s signature on a door on Facebook.

According to Mass Live, Chef Midwood told them that he had prepared two bowls of spaghetti “with a buttload of garlic” for James and a good friend of his. Mass Live states that James also was spotted at Fuel America in downtown Worcester.

One person, in particular, noticed that James was visiting places in Worcester, and chose to do something amazing.

Co-owner Kristina Ciejka, of Livia’s Dish, decided to take matters into her own hands. Ciejka reached out to Kevin James via Instagram to see if he would stop by her restaurant. According to Mass Live, James did not see the Instagram message, but one day later made his way over to Livia's Dish.

Mass Live states that Ciejka asked James how he decided to come to Livia’s, and he responded that he heard about how good her restaurant was through word of mouth.

According to Mass Live, James is the first celebrity to visit Livia’s.

This just goes to show, that one of your favorite celebrities can show up anywhere at any time.

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