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Woo Hoo, Free Family Fun Alert

If you have never taken your child to or grandchild to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Saturday, October 9, is your chance Rochester families.

Thanks to the support offered by UNIQUE College Investing Plan, you can visit for FREE with your proof of being a Rochester resident.

This is the second free CMNH admission day offered to Rochester.

Neva Cole, CMNH Communications Director says “it’s only a short 20-minute drive away, and yet we’ve noticed that Rochester families don’t seem to make up a very high percentage of our visitors.  We’re grateful to the UNIQUE College Invest Plan for this sponsorship which allows us to reach out to our neighbors and hopefully introduce them to a family-friendly resource for kids and caregivers!”

Lots to See and Touch

There is so much for kids to see and do at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.  You never know what may inspire the next astronaut or scientist or artist.  They have lots of displays that are interactive and many live performances and workshops.

This is a great chance for Rochester families to explore for FREE.  Does your child like dinosaurs?  This is a must-see on your list and when the day is FREE who can resist.

There is nothing like seeing the wonder in your child’s eyes.

The Details

The CMNH is asking Rochester residents who are planning to attend the FREE day on October 9 to reserve a spot online using the “w/discount (will pay at door) price type options and then preset proof of residence at the door when they arrive.”  Masks are required for those age 2 and up even if you have been vaccinated.

Check out their website for all the details and plan a fun FREE day for you the kids especially for Lilac City residents. For more information, visit www.childrens-museum.org.


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