If you're anything like this writer, you're already looking forward to summertime.

Despite the fact that the winter season hasn't really been, well, frigid so far, we're still looking forward to when temperatures warm up and the world becomes sunny and colorful again. A popular destination for both locals and tourists during the summer months is amusement parks, and from New Hampshire's Canobie Lake Park and Story Land to Maine's Funtown Splashtown and even Massachusetts' Six Flags New England, there's no shortage of places to enjoy rides, games, and other fun activities with friends and family.

We may only be in January, but believe it or not, these parks will soon be announcing their 2023 season calendars and opening dates. Some already have (we're looking at you, Canobie Lake Park). Now, it's Santa's Village's turn. The Jefferson, New Hampshire, holiday-themed park recently shared their official 2023 operating calendar. Here it is below:

It looks like this year's opening day will be on Saturday, May 27, 2023. We've obviously still got a few months to go until then, but be sure to mark your calendars, as the popular theme park has been a huge hit with kids and families since first opening back in 1953.

For more information about Santa's Village and their 2023 happenings, click here. In the meantime, ever wonder what amusement park rides look like when covered in snow? Here's a look at Canobie Lake Park during the winter, followed by Funtown Splashtown up in Maine.

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Okay, now let's see Funtown Splashtown...

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