It's so important to recognize and commend businesses for delivering top-quality customer service, especially when the circumstances aren't ideal.

It's no secret that we have a loud and proud foodie population here in New Hampshire, and with good reason. Our restaurant industry is killing it, and there's never a shortage of new establishments opening their doors to the public. You can never run out of places to visit for your next dining experience, especially in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Eats Facebook group offers a space for its 30,000+ members to talk about all things food in the Granite State. A few weeks ago, one of the group's members, Kellie, made a post sharing her negative experience at the Copper Door, a popular restaurant in Salem.

Well, it turns out that the restaurant's Director of Catering and Events, Megan, saw the review, and decided to do something about it.

Needless to say, Kellie was surprised when she received the following letter, along with a $100 gift card:

Kellie via New Hampshire Eats via Facebook
Kellie via New Hampshire Eats via Facebook

Now this is what you call awesome customer service, and it understandably won Kellie over. In a subsequent post to the New Hampshire Eats Facebook group, she shared that:

...This right here is great Customer Service. I will definitely now eat my words and make a trip to the Bedford location soon. I will take all the tips you great people have given me and give them another chance. Thanks Megan from Copper Door and kudos to you for reaching out!

So, all's well that ends well. We're so glad that this story has a happy ending for all involved, and hope that Kellie's next experience at Copper Door is a great one.

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