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If you are a Northern New England kid born and bred, chances are you grew up going to Canobie Lake Park. It is part of the fabric of your being. I learned so much about myself at that amusement park.

I learned there is no amount of Dramamine that will make me enjoy DaVinci's Dream (but there are other great rides I'll go on!):

I learned if you are going to order a hot dog you better get it "Castaway Style":

I learned that seeing an Elvis impersonator is almost as good as the original (though I have nothing to compare it to):

Canobie Lake Park via Facebook
Canobie Lake Park via Facebook

Our beloved Canobie Lake Park is obviously closed in the winter, but I got to thinking about what it must look like with all of the rides totally covered in snow.


Canobie Lake Park in the middle of the winter is not how we are used to seeing it. If you walked through Canobie Lake Park right now, it would be so different. Picture the Corkscrew or the Pirata without a line of people eagerly waiting to get on. Picture every ride draped in a blanket of untouched snow. There is something serene about it.

And imagine how quiet it is there.

Canobie Lake Park keeps the fun alive through the winter months by keeping beautiful photographs of the park covered in snow. Check them out:

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