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Do you remember visiting the Old Man of the Mountain, a unique rock formation that looked like a man was watching over all the other mountains, in New Hampshire?

I will never forget the sad day back on May 3, 2003, when the Old Man of the Mountain suddenly collapsed in the morning.

I used to go visit the Old Man of the Mountain annually with my family, so that day made it feel like one family ritual was gone forever. However, if you used to go with your family as well, there actually may be a way to see him again, this time out of New England.

That's right, it looks like the Old Man of the Mountain has taken a long needed vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

WMUR Channel 9, posted on their Instagram a photo of a very similar rock formation that looks just like the Old Man of the Mountain.

This rock formation can actually be found at a place called The Windmill Bar in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

So, I guess there is still hope to see the Old Man of the Mountain, just not on a mountain and while looking out into the ocean.

After almost two decades, however, the Old Man of the Mountain did return to the mountains in New Hampshire.

Back in January 2023, Mount Washington Observatory posted a photo showing that the Old Man of the Mountain had returned.

Mount Washington Observatory claimed that this phenomenon was seen by a volunteer that was watching the live cams in the area. But, what actually caused this to become visible?

According to their post, the Old Man of the Mountain's appearance was due to rime ice.

No matter what, the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire, will forever be in our memories.

This just makes me question, how many old men are out there in rock formations?

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