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The Old Man in the Mountain is one of the craziest pieces of Granite State history. The 40-foot natural rock formation had been around for centuries when it collapsed in a dramatic way on May 3, 2003. According to the Concord Monitor, the stone profile was first discovered in 1805. It then became a symbol of New Hampshire for generations, and is featured on license plates, coins, and highway signs.

Even though the Old Man in the Mountain has been gone for almost 20 years, if you are an OG Granite Stater, you remember him well. Sometimes we see him in the most unsuspecting of places, like the sky!

Bobbi-Jo Hodge via Facebook
Bobbi-Jo Hodge via Facebook

Recently someone on Reddit who goes by the user name bluecatspajamas spotted our old friend in her closet. She posted the photo to the New Hampshire subreddit thread with the caption "The Old Man of the Mountain Lives on in my Jeans".

u/catsbluepajamas via Reddit
u/catsbluepajamas via Reddit

Can I just say the people on Reddit are next level funny? The comments section of this post had me howling! Here are some of my favorites:

"Did you just invent a pickup line?!"

"four skirts and seven brassiere ago"

"He's back!! Like the McRib! For a limited time only!"

"Is that the Old Man in the Mountain in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

"Man...that's like seeing Jesus in a potato chip or piece of toast, sell tickets"

Hilarious, right?

It was decided in the comments that bluecatspajamas needs to buy all new jeans because she can never move this pile ever. It must stay the way it is so that the Old Man in the Jean Pile can live on for eternity. But eventually the jeans will come toppling down, and that will be extremely apropos.

In honor of this rare sighting of the Old Man of the Mountain, here are some fun facts about the New Hampshire landmark you might not know about (courtesy of a website called Mental Floss):

  • It is believed that Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "The Great Stone Face" is based on the Old Man of the Mountain.
  • According to geologists, the old man was way older than we all think. They believe he formed about 12,000 years ago! We should have called him the ancient man of the mountain...
  • In the late 1950's, New Hampshire dropped a pretty penny in order to preserve this beloved landmark; 25,000 dollars to be exact! This paid for quick-drying cement and steel rods that they used to fill in and fortify cracks. They gave the old man a glow up every summer.
  • Research indicates that the eventual demise of the old man was natural. It could only survive the freezing and thawing process and the erosion for so long.

Have you ever spotted the Old Man of the Mountain somewhere unexpected?

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