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I remember the days of going to Sears for back-to-school shopping. Please, let's be honest Sears was even a fun place to hang out when in high school. You know what I'm talking about, the time when we went to the mall after school or on the weekend with friends.

Sears always had so much to do and look at, I mean they had clothes, workout equipment, game tables (foosball, etc), and more. Of course, as I got older, I went to look at all the tools, auto stuff, and things for the kitchen. That's why it was very disappointing back in 2018 when Sears filed for bankruptcy.

I never expected Sears to file for bankruptcy, let alone end up closing the majority of their locations. According to nj.com, Sears went from having about 700 locations to less than 25 stores.

A lot of the Sears locations that closed still sit empty, like the one at the Maine Mall, with the signs still visible letting us remember the good times of the past.

According to nj.com, news came out last November that Sears has finally emerged from bankruptcy. The bankruptcy estate's reorganization plan started on October 29, 2022, signaling an end to Chapter 11 and starting the liquidation process for its remaining assets.

The real question though is will the remaining Sears locations be able to stay open. Honestly, there is no saying other than to wait and see.

If you are still looking to go shopping at Sears before they possibly all close, you still can in New England. Unfortunately, you may have to drive a bit to get there though.

There is one Sears left in New England and it is located at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA.

Wanting to make the trip to Braintree to hit up the last Sears around? Well, you can check out their Facebook page for current and upcoming deals.

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