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New Kids on the Block

They've been beloved for years, especially in New England since they're from here, and they're STILL at it. Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jonathan, and Jordan from New Kids on the Block were actually just in New England performing last month at TD Garden in Boston as part of their Mixtape Tour.

And while we know they've all spun off to do their own thing throughout the years (Donnie with all of his acting, Jordan with his solo work in the early-to-mid 2000s, Joey with his Broadway appearances, etc.) -- channel surfing last night made me realize that yet another member of the New Kids was rocking a side hustle!

Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV

Being a new homeowner (and also somewhat of an adult because of it, which I still try and refuse to believe,) I watch a lot more HGTV these days than I did in the past. And while flipping through the channels yesterday and landing on HGTV, I noticed someone familiar-looking on the show Farmhouse Fixer.


Jonathan. Frickin. Knight.

Not only was I shocked to find out that Jonathan Knight is the host of Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV, but my shock went one step further when I realized that this wasn't a brand new show. Last night was actually the show's second season premiere!

In digging a little deeper, I found out that Jonathan's schedule for Season 2 was actually insane. Because from May through the end of last month, Jonathan was on the road with nonstop tour dates with his brothers in the New Kids. But while he was on tour, he was also filming Season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer! Insanity!

2021 American Music Awards - Fixed Show
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Jonathan told PEOPLE in a recent interview that it was "the most vigorous [schedule]."

"I would say this year was definitely a challenge because I basically had to be in both places at the same time. Of all the times that the New Kids have reunited, this was the most vigorous tour schedule for us. There would be days when I would get off the stage at 11 at night, jump on a plane right after the show, fly all night, film all day, and then get back on a plane and go perform the next show."

And actually, HGTV featured Jonathan on their website with the story of how he went from New Kid to new show host. Season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer debuted last night (Wednesday, August 24) and will air every Wednesday night on HGTV at 8pm ET.

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