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Don't forget to leave out some milk and cookies, because Santa, Mrs. Claus, and worker elves are a lot closer than you think.

At one point in our lives, we attended a camp. Of course, summer camps were all the rage when we were kids, but as we got a little older sometimes we chose to go to a camp with one specific focus (space camp, sports camp, etc).

Going to camp was always a fun experience, meeting new people and just enjoying every day as it came to us. Camps don't have to stop as we get older, there are adult camps out there for us to be able to relive some of our childhood.

However, one camp in New England is a bit different and geared towards a select group of individuals...ones that love Christmas. This is not your normal summer camp, as it runs only for three days in August. I am talking about Santa Camp.

Yes, you read that right! There is a Santa Camp right here in New England!

The New England Santa Society is celebrating 10 years, and over the years, they have gained many more participants. What's even cooler is that HBO Max released a documentary about the New England Santa Society's Santa Camp, called "Santa Camp."

Who Can Attend Santa Camp?

Anyone 21 or older can attend Santa Camp, however, it is designed for anyone who portrays or is interested in becoming Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf, or other holiday characters.

What Is Santa Camp? 

According to the New England Santa Society, Santa Camp's main focus is education but they also focus on unique group and individual activities.

What Courses are Offered at Santa Camp? 

Santa Camp has a variety of classes offered.

  • Preparing for the Sleigh: This is an extensive course for new and experienced Santa and Mrs. Claus. It covers everything from creating the character, performance techniques, marketing your services, and much more.
  • Mrs. Claus and Helpers Workshop: Here you will partake in lessons and activities for Mrs. Claus and helpers. According to New England Santa Society, "The lessons will explore ways Mrs. Claus and others can operate as independent performers as well as with a partner. In addition to developing new skills, the group will share ideas and projects."
  • Knowing Your Audience: This class focuses on various special audiences that Santa, Mrs. Claus, and holiday performers tend to encounter. You will obtain information as well as suggestions for the various groups and settings. Other participants will share their own experiences and strategies.
  • Performance Workshop: In this workshop, you will be able to practice, refine, and perfect your performance as Santa, Mrs. Claus, or a Claus Couple.

What Else Comes With Attending Santa Camp? 

Along with gaining the skill to be the best Santa, Mrs. Claus, or helper that you can be through workshops and classes, you will be able to meet many other individuals that love the Christmas holiday as much as you! According to New England Santa Society, if you choose to attend Santa Camp, you will receive seven meals, lodging for two nights, and materials.

If Santa Camp sounds like something you are interested in, you will soon be able to register to attend next year (2023) soon! Santa Camp will run from August 25-27th. You can find more information and find out when to register here.

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