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The star of Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick created quite a bit of Facebook chatter when he flew out of the local Beverly Airport in Beverly, Massachusetts, over the weekend.

Apparently, Tom Cruise flew out of the regional North Shore Airport on Sunday, November 27, according to Celebrity Jets Facebook page.  The page tracks private jets with celebrities as passengers, and posts them on social media.

: Kevin White, Jet Edge Partners via Globalair.com
: Kevin White, Jet Edge Partners via Globalair.com

The Bombardier Challenger 300, a business jet with a 10-passenger capacity, was leased from Executive Jet Management (EJM), a charter company.  The "300" jet was introduced in 2004, and upgraded to the "350" in 2014, with a cruising speed of 517 mph and a wing span of 64 feet, according to flexjet.com.

: Kevin White, Jet Edge Partners via Globalair.com
Kevin White, Jet Edge Partners via Globalair.com

Cruise is enjoying a stellar year with the spring 2022 release of Top Gun: Maverick, the top-grossing movie of 2022.  It's also the only movie ever to be #1 at the box office on Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to Breitbart.com.

It's been 35 years since the original Top Gun movie was released, and moviegoers are still in love with this storyline.  The movie will be re-released to theaters from December 2-15 for one last glimpse of Pete Mitchell (Cruise's character) on the big screen.

"Top Gun: Maverick" Mexico Press Day
Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Cruise has had his pilot's license since 1994, per linefame.com, and owns a few planes including a P-51 Mustang. That said, he wasn't allowed to fly the $70 million F-18 Super Hornet, which is the most expensive jet in the military fleet. The movie company leased the plane for $11,000 per hour from the military.

According to the flight plan posted on Celebrity Jets, the 44-minute flight was landing at the Teterboro, New Jersey airport.

Was Tom Cruise in the area visiting friends for the weekend? Did he have business in the Boston area?  Whatever the reason, people reacted to the line made famous in the first Top Gun movie.  Remember, "I feel the need...the need for speed".

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