I truly feel like our smartphones and social media have taken over our ability to sometimes remember to do fun things unplugged and in person.

It's actually a breath of fresh air to know that Maine hasn't completely torn down all their in-person, drive-up movie theaters that we can still go to with our family or friends on a nice summer night.

Did you know Maine still has drive-in theaters you can go see movies at? According to driveinmovie.com, there are only six in the state.

Let's check out these three in southern Maine you might not have realized still exist.

1. Pride's Corner Drive-In, Westbrook

Nestled right into a literal corner stop in Westbrook, Maine, on Bridgeton Road, you'll find this historical drive-in just waiting for you to come to have a good night.

Pride's Corner Drive-In originally opened its doors, or car doors so to say, in 1953 and is still in business 70 years later making this one of the most iconic drive-ins in Maine.

In an economy where everything is just... expensive, ticket prices have stayed fairly affordable:

Carload - 2 people 20.00
Carload - 3 people 25.00
Carload - 4 people 25.00
Carload - 5 people 25.00
General Admission 5.00


2. The Saco Drive-In, Saco

This drive-in is also very iconic since it was the very first drive-in theater built in Maine and is actually one of the few left in the entire state.

The Saco Drive-In is the 17th drive-in theater ever built and is currently the second oldest drive-in in all of America, according to groovytunesday.

It opened for the first time in July 1939, the website states, and has been lighting up its big screen ever since the cost for a ticket was just 35 cents.

Here are the movies scheduled for this weekend if you're looking for plans.


3. Bridgton Twin Drive- In, Bridgton

How about the little drive-in theater located right in the town of Bridgton?

As I was fact-checking for you that this drive-in is still up and running, I saw that they played Top Gun Maverick last week, which is my favorite movie. My dog is named after Tom Cruise, so this one might have to be my favorite pick by default.

Check out their movie schedule and showtimes!

Personally, I'll be the first to admit it, it's become hard for me to remember how to disconnect from my phone when I'm not at work. This is my attempt, if you're feeling like you're in the same boat, to remind you there are cool activities out there still!

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