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You may be thoroughly entertained by their brutally honest phone directory message when trying to order a meal at Duston's Deli in Dover.

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Hi! You've reached Duston's.


Please note if at any point throughout this message, or while you are waiting on hold,  you are asked to leave a voicemail?


It lies.


There is no voicemail.


Please do not leave an order on it, because we don't have access to it.


Sorry for the confusion and Thank You!


- Duston's Bakery and Deli Phone Directory Message

The message goes on to list specials and 'Press one to make your order', and if you do just that, a friendly human will take your order and expertly made meal will be waiting for you there without incident.

You'll love every bit of this message because it prepares the customer in case of a technical snafu that is outside of everyone's control.

You could easily see yourself falling in the trap and mistakenly talking to an evil voicemail, only to have your usual order of a buffalo chicken wrap, no onions on wheat, go unanswered and be lost forever in another dimension.

But that will never happen because of this great advisory!


The attached original audio is here because the timing and delivery of this message is too good not to hear for yourself.


Dustons Buf Chick Wrap

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