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You might say 2022 went out with a bang in New Hampshire. Actually, there were several, according to residents, leaving some towns wondering what they were…and if they’ll feel them again.

Residents in Freedom and Effingham reported hearing a loud bang just after Christmas, so powerful that it was apparently heard by one local on their police radio.

Around the same time, another resident in Wakefield heard a similar noise. Though New Hampshire is famous for its fireworks and hunting, this was apparently heard and felt around 2 a.m. (and made a bigger sound than the aforementioned suspects).

It’s enough to make you wonder…was history repeating itself?

In 1940, New Hampshire experienced its two biggest earthquakes in recorded history – California-level quakes that also struck at the end of December (one of them on Christmas Eve). The state also experienced some odd rumbling this past summer.

Meanwhile, Maine cycled through a truly bizarre series of minor earthquakes in the final quarter of 2022 that would’ve made for a nice first act for Stephen King (who could be your neighbor in Bangor, if you act quickly).

On the Seacoast, another strange sound has been heard in the evenings: helicopters.

I mentioned this to a friend after hearing the choppers around Hampton long after beach season had ended (save for those of us who save our beach walking for the winter). She replied that helicopters have also been heard since the early fall in Rochester.

As for the mysterious booms, they were reported in response to an article recapping a number of strange nighttime sounds heard in the Granite State in 2022.

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