Miss Majesty Maine is an iconic destination no matter the season. Whether you’re skiing in the winter, canoeing in the summer, or apple picking in the fall, there are endless things to do in vacationland.

Mount Katahdin is a steady reminder that Maine is a rare and special state all year long.

Of course, summer is a peak season for hikers to take on their favorite peaks and for many seasoned hikers, Katahdin is a top choice.

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Baxter State Park, home to the mountain, offers a day filled with activities outside of just your vertical ascent. You can take in the mammoth mountain from the water as you kayak across Katahdin Lake or go for a more leisurely stroll on one of the hundreds of walkable trails in the park.

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As the temperatures start to dwindle, fall welcomes an incredibly scenic time to hit the trails. Mount Katahdin is one of Maine’s many spots to marvel at the fantastic fall foliage of colors. Hike to the highest peak or take in the scenery from the base, whichever you choose, you’ll feel like you’re standing in a painting.

Katahdin In Winter - Hiking and Photographing Maine's Greatest Mountain by Adventures of Chris and Chris via YouTube

While some may hibernate come winter, the mountain offers year-round Mainers a winter sanctuary perfect for ice climbing, while the hundreds of trails offer peak conditions for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

Hiking Mount Katahding - 4K Cinematic Vlog by Jonathan Zaharek via YouTube

Spring offers prime hiking conditions as temperatures start to rise back up and you can ditch the layers while still not having the August sun blazing down your neck. Maneuver your body out of its winter hibernation mode with hundreds of walking trails and a hike up Maine’s tallest peak.

I could personally never choose a favorite season in Maine, as they all differ in their own unique way. I am adrenalized skiing down our many mountains in the winter, relaxed sitting on our ferries on the coast in the summer, and amazed watching our landscapes change color in the fall.

Speaking of...Here are some of my favorite leaf-peeping spots in the state:

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