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Maine's tallest peak received high praise from a premier outdoor website..

Travel site, The Broke Backpacker listed Mount Katahdin as one of the 25 best hikes in the United States. Listing at number 4, the site writes that

an ascent of Katahdin offers up sweeping views in all direction from the state of Maine’s tallest mountain...With the right fitness level, the hike is an absolute pleasure rewarded by the epic scenery found at the top


Mount Katahdin, Maine's Tallest Mountain

Standing at 5,269 feet, Mount Katahdin is the gem of Maine and the Appalachian Trail.

It's no surprise to see it on this list, considering how popular and beautiful the hike is. It's also has trails with varying skill levels. There's truly a challenge for all.

The Northernmost Point of the Appalachian Trail

Mount Katahdin also boasts countless Appalachian Trail hikers annually.

Typically the finish line for hikers, the picturesque trail to the summit can be a sort of victory lap to those who have been hiking for six plus months.

To those starting their journey at the summit, it's a tremendous wake-up call to your legs. However, it's probably a great way to get into hiking shape, before tackling the next 2,195 miles.

New England's Best Hikes

Mount Katahdin is not the only New England hike mentioned The Broke Backpacker's list. The Long Trail in Vermont comes in at 21, the Mount Washington Summit at 24, and the entire Appalachian Trail at 25.

While not a huge representation, the ones representing New England are very good choices. They are also very historically significant. For example, the Long Trail is noted as being the oldest hiking trail in the country.

Also, interesting to note that Mount Katahdin made the list twice, considering its the end of the Appalachian Trail.

Katahdin's Most Popular Route

There are numerous routes for hikers to choose from to summit Katahdin. It should be mentioned that while there are different difficulty levels, every route is challenging.

Trail sign near Sandy Stream Pond
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Compiled below are the most relevant trails in the Katahdin system. They start from parking lots and campgrounds, and join with others to summit the highest peak appropriately named Baxter.

Maine's Mt Katahdin Trail System

Mount Katahdin is Maine's tallest peak. Located in Baxter State Park, the popular mountain tests all skill levels with a variety of challenging trails.

Here is a detailed look at the most relevant trails in Katahdin's system.

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