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When Boston boy Mark Wahlberg pops into town, it's always a big deal because he's so loved.  And yes, it happened again.  The cool thing about Mark is that he loves Boston and appreciates his fans, especially his hometown fans.

In case you're not familiar with this big box office celebrity in dramas, actions, and comedies on the big screen, Mark Wahlberg started a sports clothing line for women and men called Municipal.  It's zero surprise that Mark's focus is on athletics for casual wear as well as intense workouts, considering he's so into bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle.

The crowd grew, as did the queue in Boston's Seaport District where the pop-up store for Municipal opened up.  And sure enough, Mark unexpectedly popped in as well to meet everyone, show off the clothing, and take photos and sign autographs.

According to 25 News Boston, many people who saw the long line stopped by to find out what it was all about.  When they found out it's because the Dorchester native himself was inside, the excitement grew.  Several fans said he's always been a hometown favorite because of how much he gives back to his community and Boston in general, as well as how welcoming he is. So it's easy for him to show support for his newest and latest venture – his Municipal clothing line, according to 25 News Boston.

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