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Seeing how fashion has changed over the decades is a fashion-lover's dream.  And who doesn't agree that the '80s were one of the most fun and eclectic times?

And if you're feeing old because you can't believe they're including the 1980s in an exhibit that started with the 1780s earlier this summer, never fear, as its a celebration of the Maine Historical Society and its 200th Anniversary.  What a milestone!

Our obsession with period dramas and looking at the fashion in shows and movies is nothing new.  I think it all started because of the golden age of Hollywood and movies like My Fair Lady, Pride and Prejudice, and Gone With the Wind.  I mean, even now we're loving the looks from Downton Abbey and Bridgerton.

Building from there with flappers to the 50s and beyond, this exhibit has so far been a huge hit.  This event is called Northern Threads: Two Centuries of Dress, and while the 1780s-1880s is over, you can now roam through the way Mainer's dressed from the 1890s-1980s, on display through the end of the year.

And let's be honest, the 1980s are the perfect way to close out this fashion adventure, since those years really are, in my opinion, the last decade and generation that holds mass appeal.  Even seeing the '50s, '60s, and '70s is so beyond, don't you think?  I'm super excited.

Besides the styles of the decades on display, historians and authors are holding events if you want to learn even more on Mainer's styles as they progressed. These presenters will also dispell rumors, according to the historical society, that Maine had tough access to clothing and that women didn't care how they looked.

Maine Historical Society via Facebook
Maine Historical Society via Facebook

The Maine Historical Society is at 489 Congress Street in Portland.  For tix and info, click here.

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