It was an anything but typical call Saturday night for Amesbury firefighters that included a crash and a small fire at the firehouse.

Amesbury Engine 1 and Ambulance 2 responded to a crash on Whitehall Road around 8 p.m. and parked on the crest of a hill with their parking brakes set, according to Amesbury Fire Chief Kenneth E. Berkenbush. Slippery conditions caused both vehicles to slide backwards for several feet, with the ambulance rolling into the fire truck.

Amesbury Public Works trucks were needed to spread salt and sand to provide some traction for the vehicles to be moved.

Once it returned to the firehouse, a small electrical fire on external battery jumper terminals broke out on Engine 1, according to Berkenbush. The truck was able to be pulled outside and the fire put out.

Until repairs are made to Engine 1, the Newburyport Fire Department has loaned Amesbury an engine.

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