There's a good chance many of the fireworks you saw being put into cars with Massachusetts license plates at New Hampshire stores didn't make it very far over the border.

Private possession and use of fireworks along with their purchase at stores is legal in New Hampshire and Maine. They're illegal in Massachusetts, but that doesn't stop trips out-of-state to buy fireworks and bring them home.

Massachusetts State Police stopped cars crossing the border into the Bay State starting Friday night as possession of fireworks is illegal. Troopers seized approximately 425 items, many containing large volumes of multiple shots, with a total value of approximately $8,000. Among the items seized were aerial shells, cakes, large rockets, fountains, sparklers, and Roman candles, among other types.

The seizures continued on Saturday with another 654 items, including large amounts of individual shots with a total value of more than $10,000. On Sunday, 501 items valued at $10,000 were seized.

Police did not disclose where the border stops were located or how troopers identified which cars had purchased fireworks.

The fireworks will be destroyed.

Massachusetts State Police said there have been over 900 fires related to illegal fireworks between 2012 and 2021.

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