"Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man's world."

It's safe to say that the lyrics of this popular ABBA song ring true for most of us. Who hasn't wondered what their life would be like without financial woes, or imagined what they'd do if they suddenly became rich? Should this writer somehow end up with a massive sum of money (a girl can dream, right?), she'd definitely use some of it to travel around Europe.

For one Granite Stater, the typical financial woes that burden us everyday folks have likely never crossed his mind, at least not in recent years.

His name is Rick Cohen, and according to Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 Richest People in America as of 2022, him and his family are the wealthiest people in New Hampshire. Their net worth? $7.8 billion. Wowza.

So where does this billionaire's wealth come from?

It turns out that Cohen is the owner and executive chairman of C&S Wholesale Grocers, which has $25 billion in net revenue, according to Forbes. That said, the majority of the Cohen family's wealth actually comes from Symbotic, their warehouse automation firm. The company's reported revenue from the 2021 fiscal year was a whopping $252 million, and Cohen is currently the company's chief product officer and chairman after stepping down as CEO earlier this year.

We're sending a genuine kudos to the Cohen family for their successful business endeavors. In the meantime, the rest of us can only dream (and listen to ABBA, of course).

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