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Following the quiet hammer that was the weekend storm of March 4, early forecast models promised another pretty substantial storm for this coming weekend. The good news is that is out to sea, as the storm track should keep it out over the ocean and away from dropping piles of snow on any parts of New England.

But now the bad news. Following that storm front is another doozy that continues to promise some thunder of its own. Most of the forecast models are in agreement that it's going to come together nicely and then proceed to sit over New England for a full day while hammering the region with some pretty gnarly snow totals.

Shared on Twitter by Judah Cohen, the two forecast models that are most consistently used in predicting snow, the GFS and Euro, are starting to come together to predict what could be 'the biggest snowstorm of the winter' for much of New England. We've been teasing with massive snowstorms all winter long that end up fizzling out, so will this be the same old story?

As we creep closer to when the storm is supposed to hit, the more likely this thing actually hits. Right now, the sprawling storm system would arrive on Tuesday and last into Wednesday. As the models align right now, Maine would be spared the heaviest snowfall of the storm, with only about a foot falling across the state.

The other New England states may not be so lucky. Those same models are predicting nearly two feet for portions of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and well over a foot for most of New Hampshire. Things can still change and the forecast could shift, but it seems like an almost certainty that lots of snow is going to fall next week.

It's almost spring, right?


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