Everyone knows that of all the people, places, and things New Hampshire is known for, the White Mountains are one of the first destinations that comes to mind.

Through the years, this scenic mountain range has remained a popular, year-round tourist attraction for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, river tubing, zip-lining, and more.

Many have successfully hiked the 48 four-thousand footers within the Granite State, all of which are in the White Mountains National Forest. The tallest of these is the 6,288-foot Mount Washington, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. But after Mt. Washington, which of New Hampshire's mountains is the second tallest?

Mount Washington (named after our first president) is part of the Presidential Range, a 19-mile range in Coös County comprised of 13 mountains, according to 4000footers.com. So, it makes sense that the next tallest mountain in New Hampshire would bear the name of our country's second president, John Adams.

Yep, you guessed it: the second tallest mountain in the Granite State is Mount Adams, standing at 5,774 feet. Continuing the pattern of US presidents, the third tallest New Hampshire mountain is Mount Jefferson, named after Thomas Jefferson. It's there where the trend ends, as the next tallest mountain shares the same name as John Adams' cousin, Sam Adams. He was not a president, but rather a political philosopher and statesman. At least we're keeping it in the family.

To learn more about the Presidential Range, click here.

(Mount Adams NH from Madison by PaulbalegendCC BY-SA 3.0 (No Changes Made)).

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