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This isn't an article anyone wanted to be writing.

This isn't an article anyone should want to be reading.

But unfortunately, it's one that needs to be written and read because it involves an event that we've all been following for the last couple of weeks ever since everything slowly started coming to light.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Choking Incident at Tuckaway Tavern

According to a GoFundMe page that has been set up, back on Saturday, March 18, a man named Tim Anderson went to Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery in Raymond, New Hampshire on a date night with his wife and friends.

You don't usually think of a life-altering event happening on a typical Saturday night dinner out, but no one could have expected everything to unfold the way it did.

According to a now-deleted (out of respect to the Anderson Family) post from Tuckaway Tavern, a horrifying event unexpectedly occurred that night involving a severe choking emergency.

According to Tuckaway staff and leadership, the post was made after information was given that the victim (who we now know was Tim) would make a full recovery. So, in the interest of spreading positivity, love, and appreciation out of what seemed like a scary incident that was believed to have "a beautiful ending," the post was made highlighting quick-acting customers, staff, and first responders in the restaurant that evening.

The Anderson Family
The Anderson Family

Unfortunately, communication lines were crossed somewhere and the situation was very different than we all realized. Days later, the updates that were being given revealed that Tim was still fighting for his life in the ICU on a ventilator -- updates that rocked and shocked everyone.

Heartbreakingly, although Tim was flooded with prayers from family, friends, and strangers, an update over the weekend to the GoFundMe started to support Tim and his family revealed that Tim unfortunately didn't make it.

As a result of the choking incident along with the cardiac arrest he suffered during the choking, Tim's wife, Laura, shared the news that he passed early Sunday morning and that Tim "is now at peace and will be our guardian angel as we navigate life without him."

It goes without saying that all of Northern New England's hearts, love, prayers, positive vibes, and thoughts are with the Anderson Family in this horribly unexpected and heartbreaking time. Updates and support are available through the above-mentioned GoFundMe page.

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