I mean, who doesn't love the absolute madness crap storm T-Swift & Travis K have the internet in right now?

Yes. Taylor was caught the other night in the Kansas City Chiefs' suite with Travis Kelce's mother. Yes, she walked out of the game with him, and yes, I'm pretty sure this was their first hint to the public that they are in fact involved.

None of this is unknown right now. However, what is unknown is how our little state of Maine personally feels about it all since it seems to be taking over everybody's brain space. I needed to know.

Come at me in the comment section about how nobody cares, I get it. I did it anyway.

Overall, most men had Travis's back when people like myself called him an F-boy on air.

One of my favorite comments when somebody tried to tell me off and said,

"You keep saying he's an F-Boy, but he has to be seen like that, he's an NFL star, give him a chance."

Fine. I'll give him a chance. Only because I've humbled a few f boys in my life that I never thought would change. You get this one, sir.

Most chicks would call me to say T-Swift is way too good for him, she's downgrading, or she's just going through something.

My favorite comment from one chick was,

"She's just living her best life, let her mess around and find out because we're about to get a really good album soon when he dumps her."

Here's my plot twist theory, and I'll leave it right here. It's not about him playing her, it might be about her playing him to gain some badass stripes. She's gonna mess around for a little and then, just as the world thinks he's going to dump her, she's going to dump him and it'll be absolutely beautiful.

The end. Go ahead and roast me now.

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