Ah, Thanksgiving. It's quite the special time of year.

For many, Thanksgiving is a welcome day to pause and be grateful for what we have. It gives people quality time to spend with family and friends, all while enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Maybe your family and friends even have special holiday traditions, like watching the parade or a football game, preparing to go Black Friday shopping at midnight, or something else.

But then there's the other side to Thanksgiving: the drama that can come with visiting family.

Beyond having qualms with individual people, everyone knows the general "forbidden topics" when it comes to Thanksgiving table discussions. But what about here in New England? What are the questions or remarks you should avoid making when seated with a New Englander? We took to Facebook for answers, and you guys delivered. So, without further ado, here's what not to say to New Englanders at the Thanksgiving table, according to locals.

Here's What Not to Say to New Englanders at the Thanksgiving Table

Gallery Credit: Meg

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here are some popular holiday dishes that are best when served homemade, according to Granite Staters.

These Thanksgiving Food Items Must Be Homemade, According to Granite Staters

What Thanksgiving food MUST be homemade?

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