It's important to never lose hope in the magic of Christmas, and yours truly experienced a New England holiday miracle firsthand over the weekend.

Here's what happened, but first, some context: Friday was rough. To sum it up in a nutshell: money worries and financial woes. Who can't relate?

Anyway, the following day, this writer stopped by Cumberland Farms to get gas. After getting out of the car to pay, it became apparent that whoever was previously at the pump had already done so, and the gas would be free. Talk about perfect timing, right?

After filling up the tank for no charge, yours truly then decided to pay it forward. It's Christmastime, after all. Now, more than ever, is the time to do good deeds for others. But while attempting to pay for the next person's gas, the machine wouldn't take the credit card, instead declining it multiple times. There's nothing wrong with the card, so why would the machine not take it? Maybe the last person also had issues with the wonky machine, and ended up paying for someone else's gas by accident. Still, the whole situation was strange. After trying three times to pay it forward but to no avail, this gal resolved to be grateful for the free tank of gas, and drove off.

But that's not the end of the story.

Flash forward to the evening, when yours truly randomly decided to log into her bank account. There, out of nowhere, was an extra $200 that wasn't there before. It turns out that a refund issued months ago, during the summer, had just processed that day. How strange is it that these money miracles happened in one day, so soon after getting stressed and worked up about finances?

Call it coincidence, fate, the universe, God, or whatever you will, but we hope this story reminds you to never lose hope in the magic of Christmastime, and to do something nice for someone else. You never know whose day you'll brighten.

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