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I can feel the fire in my fingers as I write this response article. Though my mom taught me to take a breath to think before responding, I really think I speak for most of Maine when I tell you we don't belong almost last on a list of dog-loving states in the United States.

This list of "The Most Dog-Loving States In America" from Ourfitpets.com puts Maine at No. 42. 42!

That is quite literally at the bottom of 50 states, and that's just incorrect.

Take Portland, Maine, for example. If you walk downtown on Wharf or Commercial Street, I can guarantee you will see AT LEAST four local shops that include a dog water bowl in their storefront.

In fact, if you live in the area and know where Gross Confection Bar is (one of my favorite dessert spots), then you probably know they placed a homemade wooden dog bowl contraption outside of their store. I mean, even when they're closed they keep the dog bowl outside filled with water and you're trying to tell me Maine is number 42 on that list?

From my personal experience with my own golden doodle, Maverick, almost every store I've walked past has invited him inside for a treat. Honestly, that one store that didn't was most likely a grocery store where it's illegal to bring your dog unless they're a service dog.

EVEN CHAIN RETAIL STORES ALLOW DOGS IN THEIR MAINE BRANCHES! I'm truly not making that up, Maverick is very well known and loved in TJMAXX in South Portland because all Marshalls, TJMAXX's, Homegood's, and Seirra's (closest location is by Target also in South Portland) are dog friendly.

Furthermore, even the coffee shop by my house collect Polaroid photos of all the dogs that walk through their doors and they display them on the wall with each individual name.

Apparently, the list used "the number of monthly Google searches for ‘dog grooming’ and ‘dog toys,’ the number of dog parks, the number of dog owners as well as the number of dog-friendly long-term home rentals" to determine the ranking.

But let's be honest, there's so much more to being a dog-loving state than just those factors, right? I mean think of the countless beaches, restaurants, and breweries that love to have dogs. Think of all the trails and businesses that love to have dogs.

PLEASE tell me again how Maine ranks next to last on the Most Dog-Loving States In America list. This state is actually super unique when it comes to dogs considering most signs outside of businesses will acknowledge the fact that "YES you can bring your furry friends in to shop with you!"

What do you think? Should Maine really be that far down on the list?

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