Another winter storm is making its way to New England this week, but just how much snow is the Seacoast expected to receive?

Despite early predictions that the bulk of snowfall would fall to the southern part of the region, areas on the Seacoast now appear to be in the line of fire and staring down the barrel of some serious snow.

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Snow is expected to hit New England overnight Wednesday and into Thursday, with the Portsmouth area currently forecasted for 8-12 inches, according to the National Weather Service in Gray.

Ricky Firey, a Seacoast-based SKYWARN weather spotter for NWS, also posted his predictions to Twitter and has forecasted 10-12 inches for the Seacoast.

WMUR's Hayley LaPointe was a bit more modest with her predictions, pinning the Seacoast in the 6-12 inch range although northern municipalities such as Rochester were on the cusp of the 3-6 inch range.

Despite being one of several prognosticators forecasting the storm to sway south, WBZ's Eric Fisher has also reversed course and said the storm's relatively early departure could leave room for more snowfall up north. He said a foot of snow in Boston is a realistic possibility.

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