The City of Portsmouth is encouraging residents to prepare for upcoming parking bans and restrictions related to winter weather, according to the city's website.

A statement from the Portsmouth Department of Public Works stressed its reluctance to tow vehicles and force other inconveniences unto residents but maintained such actions could be necessary unless individuals act proactively during significant weather.

“We understand how challenging and inconvenient a parking ban is for many residents. The Department of Public Works does not want to tow vehicles from the street, but can be forced to do so in order to perform snow removal during significant storms. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of flat fee parking: $3 at Foundry Place and $5 at the Hanover garage.”

The city said residents can sign up for alerts related to parking bans and/or restrictions and said such alerts can be accessed via text, phone or online. A complete list of resources can be found here.

Residents can also aid the department in snow removal by clearing sidewalks of trash cans and other receptacles, keeping excess snow from off one's own property when possible, and driving safely around plow drivers.

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