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I swear New Englanders are some of the best sports fans out there. We love our teams and always know how to make attending games fun.

Over the weekend, I was able to score (no pun intended) tickets to see the Red Sox play against the White Sox. I decided that it was time that both my boyfriend and one of my brothers to experience everything that Fenway Park has to offer. After a very quick outfit change, we were all off to the game. Let me tell you, taking anyone to Fenway Park for the first time is an awesome experience.

First of all, any first-time Fenway goer, can visit an information booth and get some free swag, including a 1st-time button. I mean, who doesn't love free things? However, as I mentioned before the other fans make attending games, even more, an amazing experience. For instance, there was a guy sitting behind us that kept talking to everyone around him (including us), which some could find annoying, and was just so friendly. I mean this guy offered my younger brother some of his peanuts (that my brother really wanted) and even invited people over after the game for drinks.

Unfortunately, the Red Sox didn't win while we were there and we did not end up on the jumbotron, but we still had a lot of fun. There is just something about watching a kid's eyes light up at their first-ever Sox game and downing a hotdog (and I mean downing it, I think my brother ate his almost $7 hotdog in a matter of 2 minutes).


Of course, I had to go all out and make sure that my brother had everything that we would need for his first game. We are talking about a foam finger, now I don't know if he really liked the finger or if his hand was just cold, but he did not want to take it off.

The cutest part about the game was seeing him sing along to "Sweet Caroline" for the first time. Granted he didn't know all the words, he was so excited to sing along with everyone.

All in all, both of them had fun during their first Fenway visit. I learned taking first-timers to Fenway is fairly expensive and that I still need to teach my brother not to clap at everything, especially when the other team scores 3 runs.

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