A few days ago, I joked with friends: “It’s gonna be ironic when the Christmas Tree Shops become Spirit Halloween Stores.” We all had a nice chuckle. Until about 12 hours later, when that actually happened.

And it’s not just any Christmas Tree Shop. Arguably the most famous of them all, the CTS off of Route 6A in Sagamore, Massachusetts, is getting a spooky makeover. It will become, indeed, a Spirit Halloween Store, according to CBS 4 Boston. Time will tell if its cobwebs become entangled in the building’s iconic windmill.

While Spirit is a seasonal chain, typically operating from the late summer through Halloween, why can’t this be a permanent location? If there’s one thing Massachusetts does just as well as summer, it’s Spooky Day.

For instance: one Massachusetts town was recently named one of the safest in the U.S. for trick-or-treating. And we all know it’s the home state of the lovely ladies from Hocus Pocus (which will soon shoot another sequel). One more case: it’s also the birthplace of the man who wrote and sang “The Monster Mash.”

But more importantly: it would also create more jobs. The Christmas Tree Shops could even loan out its famous jingle, using the same simple but effective advertising strategy that lured customers. I can hear it now: “Don’t you just loooove…a goblin?!”

Many of the Christmas Tree Shops throughout New England have already closed, after the business filed for bankruptcy. Shoppers have also been warned about possible online scams set up by CTS impersonators, which are easy to spot using this very simple clue.

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