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I mean, that's an ocean...right?

It certainly fooled me.

These breathtaking photos are courtesy of the New Hampshire State Parks manager, Patrick Hummel. The cloud cover completely envelops the White Mountain range in these epic shots. It's even more beautiful with the help of the rising Sun.

New Hampshire State Parks via Facebook
New Hampshire State Parks via Facebook

Could you imagine being at the summit of Mount Washington for this incredible cloud formation? It's just another example of how it's wonderful to be a morning person. These are the kind of experiences one never forgets.

What's really mind-blowing is the ocean effect. The clouds are formed in such a unique way to give off the water illusion. What sells it even more has to be the Adirondack chairs that are perfectly situated to be looking out over the "body of water."

The sea of clouds are most likely a stratocumulus formation. According to cultofsea.com, the stratocumulus is known for having a wavy and linear appearance. They are also known for the clouds coming together to create a wall to block the Sun and higher altitudes from the ground.

No matter what it is, it's absolutely stunning to view from atop the highest peak in New England.

New Hampshire State Parks via Facebook
New Hampshire State Parks via Facebook

This is just another reminder of how truly beautiful life is. The world is a wondrous place. Get outside and enjoy it.

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