In a startling turn of events along the banks of a Massachusetts river, an unexpected find has sent shockwaves through the community and the military, according to WABI. 

A magnet fisherman was recently scouring the Charles River and pulled up something he was not expecting: a relic of history.

He thought it was possibly a mortar. However, upon further inspection by the Massachusetts State Police, it became apparent that the discovery was far more serious. What this magnet fisherman uncovered in the Charles River is said to be a "military projectile."

This old thing measured 12 inches long and four inches in diameter.

According to the report, it was extremely deteriorated, and apparently raised concerns among authorities.

Why? Well, it could be dangerous! What if this was a bomb or other type of explosive?

Is it reported that the bomb squad came to the rescue, and the experts handled the projectile with extreme caution. Because of their swift action, they stopped any potential booms and safely disposed of the hazardous projectile without incident.

Yet, this whole situation serves as an important reminder of the hidden dangers that could possible be lurking beneath the surface of our waterways. Make sure if you find anything that looks dangerous to report it immediately.

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