It's still so wild to me (and so friggin awesome), that Barstool's Dave Portnoy made his way up the coast to Maine and New Hampshire for some pizza reviews.

He didn't do just one review either. He hit several different places, and each one of them received a score higher than six.

2023 may have marked the first Maine and New Hampshire pizza reviews for Portnoy, but that's only the beginning.

When will he be back for more? Time will tell.

After all, there are a bunch more places to visit in both states that deserve that "one bite." He's done so many in other New England locations like Massachusetts, so why not up here?

So many people hate this dude, but I love him. You can fight me in the comment section over it, but he carries elite comedy. The dude doesn't give a sh– about what you think about him.

If he's got something to say, he's gonna say it.

I've always lived my life through the lens of "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not".

And that's what makes his reviews so great. It's all him whether he likes the pizza or not.

Anyway, here's the entire list of pizza places I mentioned earlier that Portnoy reviewed in Maine and New Hampshire along with their rankings. First up is the list of Maine followed by New Hampshire.

Is there anywhere in Maine or New Hampshire that you'd recommend he or other people try that isn't on this list?

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