I know this sounds so cringey, as if I'm trying to say "this is the best spot in Maine to take photos for the gram". I promise that's not how I mean this. The way the town is decorated for Christmas is just so beautiful, I wanted to pass it along as a suggestion for your own family or relationship photos.

The holidays are usually the best time for most people to take their family pictures. This little town on the ocean could be perfect for yours, especially when it's snowing. Kennebunkport, Maine, creates an atmosphere that is so gorgeous, you won't even need a backdrop if you visit it with your photographer.

Kennebunkport, Maine, gets talked about a lot around Christmastime. This cozy little Home for the Holidays-type town even got voted as the second top Christmas town in America by HGTV.

Between all the different waterfront restaurants and gift shops, you're bound to find the perfect little background to take next year's Christmas card in front of.

Kennebunk is absolutely my first suggestion, but if you've already been there, done that, I'd try out Boothbay, Maine, during the winter season.

Boothbay has also been honorably mentioned before around Christmas time.

A visitmaine.net reports, It made an appearance on the list of 12 Best Christmas Towns in Maine, being described as a "Hallmark Christmas Town".

Check out more seasonal activities and schedules for both of these towns by clicking here!

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