I can't even lie to you right now, Boston 100% has the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life. Now, being a Boston native for almost eight years before I moved to Maine, I can tell you firsthand that this statement is true. Boston men are elite. It's almost like they travel in flocks, too. Have you ever noticed that? Usually the jock friend group is the most handsome, and they all somehow look the same. I'm not saying that they're boyfriend material, but I'm absolutely saying that Boston men are eye candy.

On this list from yourtango.com of the cities with the most (and least) attractive humans, Boston, Massachusetts, ranked #4 for having the most attractive men. Facts are facts, and I agree with this. Actually, I might even say that Boston belongs at the top of the list in the top two. I also have to say that I highly disagree with their #1 choice, Jacksonville, Florida. To be fair, I've only been a few times, but it was enough to know I didn't see many attractive young fellas around.

Their 2nd and 3rd choices were Scottsdale, Arizona, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. I can't speak much on Virginia or Arizona from personal experience, but I'd absolutely say that Miami needs to be on this list. Every time I've visited Miami, I've seen at least three per every 10 men my age (in their 30's) who are highly attractive. Okay, my man rant is done. What do you think?

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