The other day, my friend was explaining to me how she's "so single she might just hire a matchmaker". That sounded so ridiculous to me, until I realized a lot of other people must feel the exact same way when those dating apps just don't cut it.

So, it gave me an idea to look into a bigger city for her to take her dating life. I came across this event called Boston Single Mingle. In fact, it's more than just one event. It looks like they've got a few events to choose which way you want to "mingle".

If your first thought was anything like mine, you thought "how do you weed out the people that have different intentions aside from finding a real relationship?" They've got that covered too.

The Boston Single Mingle calls it, "The Vetting Process", which basically gives attendees a warning that if they don't live up to the rules of the events, they will politely be asked to leave.

Check out a few of their upcoming mingling events straight off their website,


"All of our events are held in private spaces at venues we have strong relationships with. We provide a relaxed atmosphere and make sure everything goes smoothly so that you can be focused on meeting new singles. Our hosts are often single themselves, and committed to supporting the Boston community."

"Our Speed Dating Events are well organized and hosted opportunities to meet and “date” multiple individuals in one evening.. After a mini happy hour we’ll get started. Ladies sit while men shift every five minutes. Instead of bells our hosts will let you know when and where to move. We equipt you with a score card and paper to take notes on - if you match with anyone you select you’ll receive an email within 24 hours connecting you. Just in time to set up a date for the weekend!"

"Our Single Mingle Events bring together those that are Young, Professional and Unattached. With a larger capacity, these events run on your charm and finesse, however our hosts are happy to help make introductions - just tell us what you are looking for. With the feel of an after work cocktail hour, we provided an ice breaker that gives you the excuse to say hello to anyone that catches your eye. Come out dressed to impress, but you’ll feel at ease in the more casual feel of this event".

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