Is it possible that this is the pro tip we've always needed (well, outside of actually following the rules and not parking in spots we're not supposed to, when we're not supposed to?)

Can we avoid being written tickets by police officers throughout New England, simply by leaving a note for them?

It's possible.

aijohn784 / angelinavaron via Instagram
aijohn784 / angelinavaron via Instagram

Portsmouth, NH Parking

There was a parking situation that happened in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Easter Sunday that went viral after a resident found themselves with a $35 ticket under their windshield wiper.

While it was listed on the City of Portsmouth website that both parking on Sundays is only free until Noon, as well as Easter not being a recognized free parking holiday, residents still went off about how they feel like parking fees and meter times are unfair.

A similar situation was happening in Boston, until a resident tried something outside the box in hopes that it would work.

Boston Parking

If you know, you know -- parking in Boston is atrocious. It's expensive, it's nearly impossible, and it's probably what sprouts a lot of first-ever gray hairs for a lot of residents, visitors, and especially college students.

A note left for Boston Police by Northeastern University student, Angelina Varon, was featured on the Only in Boston page on Instagram and went viral, where she pleads with police to stop ticketing her for expired inspection sticker.

Please! No more inspection tickets. I have an appointment with the mechanic to solve the issue...then I will get a new inspection. I can't afford all these tickets. I'm just parking for school.

angelinavaron via Instagram
angelinavaron via Instagram

According to Angelina, since she put that note on her car, she hasn't received another ticket.

Dover NH Police

It just so happens this author also once left a note pleading to not get a parking ticket or towed, and it actually worked.

A handful of years ago, I worked a New Year's Eve event in Dover, New Hampshire, which involved me driving a vehicle to the location. At the end of the night, I ordered an Uber to arrive home safely.

Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash / Getty Images
Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash / Getty Images

Before I left, I put a note on my windshield addressed specifically to the Dover Police Department, asking to please not ticket or tow the vehicle, as I was leaving it overnight to Uber home safely and would return for it early the next morning.

When I showed up to get my vehicle, the note was still there, without a ticket.

Will a note work every single time? Probably not. But are the above accounts proof that if you're a college student that's light on money and trying to get a problem fixed, a human just trying to do the right thing and not endanger lives, or something somewhere in between, that police may give you a break/the benefit of the doubt?

It's definitely possible.

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