No amount of caps in my writing can truly capture how badass of a response this lady has to a world of online keyboard warriors. You and I both know how hurtful the internet can be, and typically, the only ones who are participating in online bullying are the same ones that could never do half of what the person they're ripping apart in a comment section could do. I always admire the "public influencers" or celebrities in the public eye who address the mean comments on their platforms in a funny way, because they're not afraid of them. Like Julia Gagnon.

A product of Cumberland, Maine, this girly has been the latest viral sensation after she bulldozed her way through American Idol's auditions and right into the top 8. As a radio personality, I can be the first to tell you this mantra: once you're successful in what you do, you involuntarily open the door for all sorts of opinions. However it's all about how you respond to them that shows what you're truly made of, and girly girl has humor.

On her Instagram, most of the comments under her American Idol posts are super inspirational, motivating, and supportive. However, like anything online, there's a handful of super hateful comments that are really only coming from a place of insecure and jealous keyboard warriors. This is the best part though: Julia made a game out of them. She addresses them with another member of American Idol who she seemingly has become good friends with, Abi Carter. They read the comments under each other's posts out loud to the other with a mouthful of water, trying not to laugh. AMAZING COMEBACK.


It's the ultimate form of anti-bullying, and we love to see it. GO GIRL.

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