Is it me, or has your seasonal depression started to lift a tiny bit lately since the temperatures in New England haven't been in the teens anymore? Then our groundhog dude had our back when he told us that spring was coming early. Things feel good in New England! I'm a way nicer person when the sun shines through my windows at the studio and I can walk to my car without my nose hairs (that I didn't know I had) freezing.

First of all, what exactly is a "frost date"?

Since I'm just a radio host and not a meteorologist, I'm gonna let the big weather dogs describe it to you. According to thefarmersalmanac,

"A frost date is the average date of the last light freeze in spring or the first light freeze in fall".

They go on to explain that there's three different types of freeze temperatures: light freeze, moderate freeze, and severe freeze, which is 24 degrees F.

When is the last time it will frost in Maine?

Here's some data that could help us predict a ballpark timeframe that I found on farmersalmanac in some surrounding cities. The average last frost date in Bangor, Maine, is set for May 9, 2024, while Augusta and Portland, Maine, are set for May 1, 2024.

Of course, as we all know living in New England, weather can change overnight. So overall, I'd say this is more of an informative start to the closest guess as to when we can finally say goodbye to winter.

Hello spring!!! My serotonin has missed you!

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