There is no question that change is absolutely coming to the Outlets at Kittery in Maine.

The outlets have experienced some vacancies, something that many malls across the country have been dealing with over the years, and Maine Public reported that the town's planning board has been trying to find a way to redevelop the area.

According to the news outlet,

...the town has approved plans to demolish an under-utilized outlet shopping center to make room for a new hotel, restaurant and housing near the Kittery Trading Post on Route 1.

I also have to hit you with a side note to keep in mind. There are a number of outlet malls and shops along Route 1 in Kittery, so this project is not eliminating ALL of them. Overall, it is only focused on the Outlets at Kittery property.

So now that we've got the facts, it leaves us with the question everybody wants to know: what's on its way in? The Portland Press Herald reported a "119-room hotel, five-story apartment building with 107 units and a 6,000-square-foot commercial building" is in the works.

Maine Public also noted that the developer, New Hampshire real estate company Two International Group, has said that the hotel will be the first of the project's three phases.

Get ready for a new hotel!

The Kittery planning board chairman also told Boston 25 News that "Kittery needs more housing, particularly for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard employees and retail workers."

So it looks like this new change to Kittery could be a very positive upswing for the area.

And who knows? This redevelopment could wind up bringing more people to the outlets on Route 1, helping out the other retail spots in the area (we love a good shop local story).

There are so many great ones to visit, too, and let's be honest, we go because we love the prices! If I can get even as much as 10% off an item, I can afford two #girlmath.

One of my favorite shopping spots in Kittery is Kittery Trading Post. You never know what you're going to find, and it always feels like an adventure. You just walk in, and before you knew it, you found the perfect beanie in the color you've been looking everywhere for. My wallet loves it.

WMUR reported that the work to finish phase one is expected to be done by next year.

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