There are two kinds of people who own houses in Maine: those who live away from the coast, and those who live on the coast. If you live away from the coast and in a more rural town, you probably own a home you can afford, especially if you bought it before the interest rates went through the roof.

Most people who live in Maine can't afford million-dollar homes. Those that can usually aren't here on a full-time basis. All up and down the coast of Maine are multi-million dollar homes with spectacular ocean views that look like they belong to movie stars. Some actually do.

Even though you and I can't afford multi-million dollar homes, we can always dream, right?

I searched to find how much the most expensive home for sale on their site is going for, and found one that stood out far ahead of the pack at a whopping $17,000,000. You read that right. 17 MILLION dollars. That's something that most of us will never make in our lifetimes.

This incredible home is high up on a rocky cliff on Mount Desert Island, overlooking the ocean with the Baker Island Lighthouse off in the distance.

The only problem I would see with this is that winters wouldn't be all that great in a place like this. Winters along the coast can be rough, especially with nothing between you and the ocean.

But like I said, we can all dream. So let's take a peek inside this $17M home that could be yours if you make that kind of cash.

Take a Peek Inside This Stunning $17M Home on Maine's Mount Desert Island

Gallery Credit: Jeff Parsons

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