French fries, cheese curds, and gravy? Sign me up!

This is a first-of-its-kind even in Maine, and long overdue. Poutinefest is coming to Thompson's Point in September, then heading to New Hampshire in October. This festival came to New Hampshire last year, and tickets sold out in an hour!

Poutine Canadian meal with fries, curd cheese, beer and gravy

This festival is a celebration of the French-Canadian classic, poutine! Poutine is one of those foods that has a lot of room for interpretation. Restaurants from all over Maine will put their spin on the classic. There are three different types of tickets you can buy, and all come with a sample of poutine (a healthy portion) from the participating restaurants!

Who will win "Best Poutine Of The Fest"?

Photo by @withlovefromchile on Unsplash
Photo by @withlovefromchile on Unsplash

All the restaurants will be competing against each other for the "Best Poutine Of The Fest", and there is only one winner!

Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 22, at 10 AM

Unhealthy Delicious Poutine with French Fries
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The first-ever Poutinefest will be at the Depot at Thompson’s Point in Portland. Get ticket information here. There will be music, great beer, games, children’s activities, and of course, lots and lots of poutine! This is a family event, and very kid-friendly. There will be things for the little ones to do. There will also be several food trucks to supplement your poutine intake. Man (or woman or kid) cannot live by poutine alone. Or could they?

According to Pineland Farms,

Proceeds from this event benefit the French language and culture in the state of Maine! We will support language contests and activities statewide!

So my love of potatoes, cheese, and gravy will be helping Mainers? I'm all in!

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