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Antique things are pretty cool.

My wife would go antique shopping every weekend if she could. Truth is, I am more apt to go antique shopping with her than any other kind of shopping.

Historic antiques are always impressive, especially when well-kept.

Take these license plates found in New Hampshire, which are well over 100 years old.

Matt Black, via Facebook
Matt Black, via Facebook

I found these in a Facebook Group called "Forgotten New Hampshire." They were posted by a man named Matt Black. He wrote:

 I am a picker here in the great state of New Hampshire and I know there are a lot of NH plate lovers out there so I wanted to show some great plates and toppers I was able to pickup today. We have such a wonderful state rich with historical items that make my job a dream job for me. I love our history!

Turns out they are super old, and wicked cool.

The oldest date I found was the yellow "G-9" plate, which identified the year as 1916.

Turns out that is not the oldest.

In fact, the seven plates in the middle, the green ones, are the oldest. The seven green plates are in order from 1905-1911!

Matt Black, via Facebook
Matt Black, via Facebook

According to Matt Black, who owns Dumb Luck Mantiques and Collectibles, the green plates are referred to as "first issue" plates. He said that in 1912, they started putting the year on the front of the plates.

If anyone ever has unique New  Hampshire collectibles or antiques they want the world to see, feel free to email me at logan.sherwood@townsquaremedia.com

Great finds and collecting Matt. Thanks for sharing these cool pieces of the Granite State's history.

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