What a crazy idea to think that anything in Maine is remotely dangerous (well, besides black bears and hunting and...well, you get the point). We're so far up north on the map that we're boarding Canada, which makes most of us feel like we're a little safer in our own land than most other states, right? I guess the same reason we feel a little bit safer here is ironically the same reason we're home to dangerous wildlife. Check this out.

On this list of the top 10 most dangerous animals in the world, there are snakes and man's best friend, doggos. I'd like to submit a recall on that one, because my Goldendoodle acts like a stuffed animal and he lives in Maine...so?

Kidding. Actually, the reason why dogs can be so dangerous is actual a bit endearing when you really look at it. By nature, we all know that dogs are loyal to their owners which means they'll attack anything that proposes a threat to them. Dog bites can sometimes be harmless, but others can be deathly if rabies are involved.

According to the World Health Organisation,

“dogs are the main source of human rabies deaths, contributing up to 99 per cent of all rabies transmissions to humans.” It is transmitted by saliva via bites, scratches, and direct contact with infected areas on the dog.

Secondly, it's snakes. As you may know, especially if you're an 'up-ta-camp' kind of family, Maine is the home to many types of snakes. Thankfully, there are no venomous snakes here, but be careful in our neighbor state, Massachusetts. Click here for more info.

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