The best time of year is here again – the time to get your letters in to Santa before it's too late!

USPS Operation Santa has created such a rewarding program for not only children, but families that want to adopt children's wish lists as well.

Here's How it Works

To write a letter to Santa, follow these guidelines by clicking here. Once you've constructed your perfect wish list, follow the steps and directions USPS has carefully written out. Once you've gone through all the directions, just pick your closest USPS location in Maine and either drop it off for fun, or mail it directly from your house with the address they've provided. Easy!

Additionally, USPS Operation Santa also offers a program that allows you to adopt a child's letter and make their holiday gift wishes come true.

Your gifts will arrive to your recipient straight from Santa himself! Click here for more details and instructions on how you can make somebody's holiday truly special.

This is a really cool way to do something kind during the giving season if you haven't come across anything just yet. I remember growing up, my dad would always "adopt a family" every Christmas, and we'd make sure they have decorations, lights, and gifts, so this one hits home for me!

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