Respect to Ms. Gamache, the principle of Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery, for honoring a very unique bet one of her first grade teachers made with her students at the beginning of the school year.

According to a first grade teacher at HMPS who had given her students a workbook question asking "What are your hopes and dreams for this school year?", this was where the situation got interesting.

The teacher said almost every single one of the kids responded to that question with "I want Ms. Gamache to kiss a pig", so she made them a reading goal bet.

The bet went on for 56 days during the school year as the students worked hard to reach their reading goal of 1,000 books. If the kids could meet that goal, their principal Ms. Gamache was, in fact, going to kiss a pig outside of the school yard. And yes, this is real.

These go-getting students reached their goal, so the phone call was made to their principal. She confirmed she would kiss the pig as promised, and I can't even imagine the excitement these students must have felt when they found out the news. Where was this when I was still in school?!

Check this out:

Go Ms. Gamache! This is such a good way to not only teach children the rewards of putting in hard work, but also how to build character by holding up your end of a compromise. As mentioned earlier, you've got my respect, principal!

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