Each state has their own dumb laws. Sorry if you feel like some or all of these Maine laws should be in place, but there's something to be said about the ones listed here....blasphemy!

According to visitmaine.net, these are actual laws in our good old Pine Tree State of Maine, but before we dive in, they did state that some of these laws have been repealed because they are outdated or just don't make sense. However, there are some considered to just be part of Maine history and left in place.

Ellsworth City Laws Supersede Federal or State Laws

This one cracks me up, and sounds like a law that was put into place way before our time. Apparently, in short, the city of Ellsworth claims that if any of its city laws are any more strict than ones put in place by federal or state lawmakers, that Ellsworth laws will overrule them. Hmmm, not my department, but I don't think you can do that.

Attempting to Catch Lobsters Barehanded Is a Violation

Hold on, brb, I'm just gonna go deep sea-diving and see if I can come back with one of them big, tasty crustaceans. Ummm, anyways...

Parking in Front of a Dunkin’ in South Berwick is Prohibited

Stopping at Dunkin is a morning ritual for lots of Mainers. Well, don't even think about parking on Main St in front of Dunks while going inside to get your morning coffee. CNBC actually did a story on this, and stated that this law is in place to avoid conflict with traffic, and warned that street parkers could walk back out to their car and find a $175 ticket on it.

You Can't Own Various Exotic Animals, but Pet Alligators Are Cool

You may be aware that many of the cute creatures one would see at the zoo are not permitted to be lounging with you in your living room while you're watching TV. According to the Spruce Pets, these include beavers, hippos, elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, as well as some certain types of birds. But according to visitmaine.net, alligators are cool – you just need to get a permit. Huh.

Blowing Your Nose in Public in Waterville Is Illegal

I actually remember hearing about this one a long time ago, and from the research that I have done, it appears that they are still serious about it... or no one has bothered to repeal it. That would be an interesting one to see in the morning police report.

Biting Your Landlord in Rumford Is Out of the Question

If you live in Rumford, don't even think about biting your landlord. If they are slumlords or you're mad that your rent went up and biting is your technique to get even, you're going to just have to come up with something else.

Potato-Eating Farmers in Huberson Must Share With Their Pigs

I've lived in Maine for 23 years and am still hearing of new towns for the first time. Where is Huberson? Great question. My guess was definitely up in the county somewhere but apparently it's not even a town, or at least not anymore.

There are more, but I decided to stop there because they continue to get stranger and stranger. Again, it's likely that most of these are no longer enforced, but you might not want to risk it, because getting in trouble with the law and having to pay a fine for blowing your nose in public would be.... a pretty funny story to share.

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